Comments about our Unique Molds

Here are a few comments we received from customers:


Hello Ken,
The molds arrived two days ago. I have been using them. They are easier to use than the molds that I have that are either wood or reproductions of wood. I just want to tell you that I am thrilled with your product and your customer service. I’m so glad that you have made these molds and that you are sharing them with the rest of the world.
I can barely wait to see what molds you will be offering next! I’ll be watching for your newsletter…  Also, thanks for all the info on your website….It’s all very interesting.
Best wishes,  Barbara


Your molds are wonderfully made. We can’t wait to order more!
So glad you decided to start having molds made….GREAT JOB!!!
your molds press out so easy….We love them!!
Thank you so very much!!!
Beth Grbich


Thank you for the superior customer service.  The molds are just beautiful!  I appreciate the complimentary horn player mold-so much detail!  I was so excited that I got out my children’s play-doh to view their impressions.  They are gorgeous!
Can’t wait to bake,  Lisa


Hi Ken,
I received my molds and really love them!  I like the color and they seem very durable.  I also like the fact that you signed each one… nice touch!
I have some paperclay and the minute  I opened the package I made impressions of them. They’re all very pretty and I’m very happy with them.
Lynn Smallwood


Just wanted to tell you that my friend and I used the mold we ordered from you and it is great. We have others but yours was not only pretty and detailed, but easiest to use. Whatever material it is made out of is virtually non-stick and easy to clean.
Diane Elone


I love the mold material and craftsmanship and look forward to using them as well as seeing new designs as you add them. I hope all your customers are as thrilled as I am.
Thanks for sending your recipes, too.
Jeannie E.


I LOVE the mold – these are the best molds I have found to use for our Easter Brunch at church…the other set I had were not as deep. These printed very well for me and were a pleasure to use.
Yvonne N.


Awesome quality!!!!!  Michael H.


These are the most Detailed & Beautiful Molds I have ever seen, I am Really impressed with the extremely High quality of these Jewels that you have made..  Eric L.


I love this medium. Thanks for thinking of “the baker!” It is so frustrating to have created a beautiful cookie and then find flecks from the mold on it. You’ve created the perfect solution.
Thank you!!!
Incredible! These molds are going to revolutionize the industry! The quality and images are remarkable. Looks like you’ve raised the bar to a new standard. Thanks for these! Looking forward to your next round!
Peggy S. of Cincinnati



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