Our online catalog will close September 10th but will open again in
January 2023 for direct orders.

First time buyers of our molds receive 10% off on their first order. We also send out mailings where you will also be offered discounts on new molds when they are announced.

Our Etsy store can be found here:

As I’ve stated, our replica molds were designed with the baker in mind. Having used replica molds for many years I knew the frustrations of having molds chip, break and lose their stains over time. A replica mold collector would probably not use their molds as much as a baker or candy maker so this may not concern them. As a baker myself I use my replica molds quite often so I wanted something I could use over and over and not have to be concerned with the pitfalls of the replica molds that were being offered.

I decided to create molds that were “User Friendly” toward those of us in the industry. It took a great deal of time and resources to develop the molds we offer today. I put our molds through some harsh tests until I was happy with the formula we use to produce our molds today. No stains or sealers are used and our molds can take a harsh fall without a problem. If a mold of ours fails to meet these standards, please return it for a full refund. We want you to be Happy, Pleased and Satisfied with your purchase from us.  View our offerings under “Molds” at the right.

Many of our molds are exclusive to The Springerle Baker and are available nowhere else. Some mold designs that we will be offering can be found at other outlets but not with the same quality that we offer.  “We’re not looking to be the prettiest cookie molds, just the most user friendly”.

We are the only cookie mold replicator to offer you custom colors for your molds. The wood look is surely very nice but what is most important about these unique molds are their images, not their color. Don’t allow yourself to be limited to what everyone else has, Express yourself with molds of color.

*Notice* Copies of “Common” Mold Designs.
At times we are asked to make copies of molds that look to be “*open” to copy. We will research as best we can the copyright(s) owner(s) of any molds that we will be offering that we do not own the copyrights to. In the event we are copying a mold that should not be copied due to an owner with a copyright, PLEASE notify us about the mold in question and we will pull it immediately from the selling list as soon as copyright ownership is confirmed.
By “open”, it is meant that several companies are making and selling the exact same design. A copyright seems not to exist.


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