2019 Fall Contest
A Big thank you to everyone that participated in this years contest.
We do appreciate you all.  -Ken, Alice and Jerry

October 2019 Contest Results
Three prizes will be awarded in each of the 4 categories.
1st prize: $80.00 gift certificate toward our molds.
2nd prize: $60.00 gift certificate toward our molds.
3rd prize: $40.00 gift certificate toward our molds.

1) Greeting Cards Category (using only TSB molds)
*This category is for the best homemade greeting card using any of The Springerle Baker’s Christmas or Fall themed molds. Paper casting or any other medium is acceptable. The more creative, the better. *I believe there are a couple videos on YouTube (not sure) of folks creating cards with paper casting.
First Place: Sue Meyer

Greeting card by Sue Meyer using TSB mold #2015 The Merry Christmas Church.

Materials used: TSB #2015 The Merry Christmas Church mold, Sculpey clay, Card Stock – card size 5.50″ round, Navy Blue Metallic/Ombré Glitter green/powder blue metallic, Spellbinder metal craft dies, Precious Marieke metal craft die and Powder Puff inking chalks.

Sue Meyer Contest Entry. Materials used.


Card type.


Second Place: Karen Frimel
Creative and Functional!

Karen Frimel Santa place card using TSB mold #1741 2014 TSB Santa.

Materials used: I dusted each baked cookie with macro pearls and then used a fixative. Spray painted clip clothespins black, backed each cookie with construction paper then hot glued the clothespin to the back. Then using them to clip to each person’s plate as decoration or clip to each person’s name as a place card. Additionally, can use on the serving platters to designate the different flavors of the Springerle. The ones used on individual plates can then be sent home with guests to be clipped on their tree as an ornament.

Karen Frimal Entry. Materials used.


Karen Frimel entry ornament.

Third Place: Laurie Heidt

Laurie Heidt framed paper casting using TSB mold #2396 Man with Stag.


2) Santa Art Category (using only TSB molds)
* This category will be to see who can produce the most beautiful looking Santa. You may use any medium you wish. Your Santa can be made from cookie dough, marzipan, salt dough, paper, mache’, clay or any other medium. Any coloring medium is also accepted.
First Place: Carol Greene
Wonderfully Imaginative!

Carol Green Santa light entry using TSB mold #1636 Santa Riding a Donkey. A battery operated tea light is used.

Materials used: TSB mold #1636 Santa Riding a Donkey, paper clay, acrylic paint, a battery operated tea light so it is safe for very small children. “I thought Santa would enjoy the little light highlighting the treats for himself and his donkey. This mold works especially well because of all the little cutouts in the legs etc. that allow the light to shine out. I thought he would also enjoy seeing himself reflected on many of the cookies!”

Carol Greene contest entry display picture.


Carol Greene Santa light in action.

Second Place: Diana Ellis
Simply Beautiful and Memorable!

Diana Ellis Santa cookie using TSB mold #1527.

Materials used: “I used the TSB ‘Memory Maker’ Santa mold (#1527) from Aachen, Germany. It is a Honey Speculaas cookie, and the recipe can be found in Anne Watson’s book Baking with Cookie Molds. All the materials used to decorate the cookie are edible and do not affect the flavor. They include powdered food coloring (petal dusts and luster dusts) mixed with 151 proof rum, as well as edible glitter flakes and disco cake applied with Wilton’s edible adhesive. The snow at Santa’s feet is covered with the glitter flakes and the white fur tufts (the ones that look like small rabbit tracks) all over his red coat are covered in the white glittering disco cake. The cookie sparkles and scintillates in the light.”

Diana Ellis Contest Entry. Santa’s feet in snow.


Diana Ellis Contest Entry. Santa’s face close up.

Third Place: Rhonda Knauf
Uniquely creative!

Rhonda Knauf Santa box using TSB mold #413 Small Aachen Santa w/ Tree. Materials: Airclay on papier mache box.

3) Best Cookie Display (using only TSB molds)
* This category is for the most creative cookie display using any of our molds; Springerle, Spekulatius, Speculaas or Gingerbread or a good mix of all.
First Place: Dan Schneider
Wonderfully creative!

Dan Schneider cookie display using TSB molds #2348 sunflower, #1848 Waldorf diamond flower, and #1804 diamond sun.

Dan: “I used the following molds: #2348 sunflower, #1848 Waldorf diamond flower, and #1804 diamond sun. These are Springerle with traditional anise flavor and dry dusted for color. Imagine a holiday table with two or three plates like this set out on it.”

Second Place: Carrie Roe

Carrie Roe cookie display using numerous TSB molds.

Carrie: “My entry is titled  “A Christmas Tea for You and Me.” Recipes used: Springerle Baker’s Gingerbread, Chocolate Clay, and springerle.
Description: My table is set in anticipation of a Christmas visit with a friend. Cookies and conversation, what could be better! I decorated my tree with springerle tied with red satin ribbon. The star on top was constructed with #519 repeated 6 times then glued onto a painted cardboard base and decorated with red satin ribbon. I used my grandmother’s antique  china place settings along with a silver tea service. A handmade crocheted lace tablecloth is under laid with a red tablecloth. A three tiered cookie tray displays the cookies and confections with a sprig of rosemary at the top for “remembrance.” Watching over our visit are my two gingerbread “Memory Maker” Santa’s, #1528 and #1542 gilded with gold “luster dust.”  The letter board was made using pieces from the game “Banana Grams.”  A set of red Scandinavian candle holders and a pair of vintage angel ornaments complete the setting for an afternoon tea with a friend. In total I used EIGHTEEN of my beautiful Springerle Baker cookie molds and they all performed beautifully! Even the very large molds gave me no trouble in molding or unmolding and in fact gave me much delight!”

Carrie Roe Contest Entry. Cookie stand.


Carrie Roe Contest Entry. Cookies on the tree.

Third Place: Daniel Ellickson
Beautiful and Inviting!

Daniel Ellickson cookie display using numerous TSB molds.

4) Miscellaneous (using only TSB molds)
* This category is for the creations that don’t fit a certain niche but are wonderful!
First Place: Amy Elsass
Cookie as Art.

Amy Elsass cookie as Art using TSB mold #1752 Muenchen Heart.

Amy: “I used an actual cookie that dried nicely, Americolor and other paste and gel food colors and I used a gloss spray glaze to seal it.”

Second Place: Rachael Slipke
Creatively Unique!

Rachel Slipke Speculaas cookies and paper clay ornament of toast master decorating wine bottle. Used 6 TSB molds.

Molds used #1752 Muenchen Heart, #410 Small Queen, #422 Small Koblenz Mixed Fruits, #217 Cupid in Flowers, #434 Small Champvert Toastmaster and #1745 Hassberg Lions.

Third Place: Joanne Walch
Simple and Attractive.

Joanne Walch decorated gift cookie using TSB mold #418 Small Cologne Santa with Tree.