Questions and Answers About Our Molds

Q : Are your molds hard or soft-ish like silicone molds?
A: Our molds are hard and are very durable.

Q: If I have a color choice, I’d like them in dark brown as some other replica molds I already own so when I display them they all look sort of the same… like wood.
A: Our molds DO NOT look like wood. No stains are used on our molds to give the wood look. I have used replica molds from other companies and over time the color and stain wore off.
Our molds were designed to be very user friendly for the professional baker and also the home baker but they are not the prettiest. *PLEASE be aware of this before confirming your order*

Q: What color are your molds?
A: Our molds are designed to be used and used a lot as they
are designed for the professional baker. That is the reason that we do not use a stain on our molds. Molds that are stained to simulate wood over time lose their color. Stain coming off on your dough is not acceptable. The color of our molds can be seen at Colors may and often do differ from those pictured.

Q: Do your molds have the loop at the top for hanging?
A: As pictured, there is not a loop for hanging. We add a small hole in the back for hanging.


2 comments on “Questions and Answers About Our Molds

  1. Kim Reese says:

    Hi, I love your molds. I have been searching for a collection to go with my bakery. We have a woodlands theme. We definitely need a fox in the collection but love the little bunnies, deer, birds, etc. I have found several molds that work but they are part of larger collections that don’t totally work. Can we get individual molds from the larger sets? I can’t seem to find just the right one for me….thanks for making they are so wonderful.

    • kenthebaker says:

      Hi Kim,
      Thank you for your interest. We can do individual molds from a larger mold, provided that it’s not from a mold that someone else holds the rights to. Also, the process required could make it a costly mold for you, unless it’s a mold that we’d want to add to our selling list. If you’ve not already done so I’d suggest that you check out She might have something that you’d like. Thank you, Alice

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