2019 Fall Contest

October 2019 Contest
Contest Announcement


One Entry per person. Please enter just one of the categories. Submissions must be received by October 10th, 2019. Photo submission of your entry is fine. Please send your pictures to ken@thespringerlebaker.com and in the subject line add “Contest Entry”. Please let us know which category that you’re entering. The pictures you email must be clear; we can only judge what we can clearly see. The winning submissions will be posted to our FB pages and our blog on October 20th, 2019. There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize for each category. Prizes are listed below. Please note: Submissions must have been made using The Springerle Baker’s molds only.

1) Greeting Cards Category (using only TSB molds)
*This category is for the best homemade greeting card using any of The Springerle Baker’s Christmas or Fall themed molds. Paper casting or any other medium is acceptable. The more creative, the better. *I believe there are a couple videos on YouTube (not sure) of folks creating cards with paper casting.

2) Santa Art Category (using only TSB molds)
* This category will be to see who can produce the most beautiful looking Santa. You may use any medium you wish. Your Santa can be made from cookie dough, marzipan, salt dough, paper, mache’, clay or any other medium. Any coloring medium is also accepted.

3) Best Cookie Display (using only TSB molds)
* This category is for the most creative cookie display using any of our molds; Springerle, Spekulatius, Speculaas or Gingerbread or a good mix of all.

Three prizes will be awarded in each of the three categories.
1st prize: $80.00 gift certificate toward our molds.
2nd prize: $60.00 gift certificate toward our molds.
3rd prize: $40.00 gift certificate toward our molds.
Gift certificates must be used by December 31st, 2019.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this contest.
Thank you. Good Luck and have Fun!
Ken and Alice

Some past entries:

C. Roe entry using #448 Junior Bamberg Santa Mold.

I titled my entry “Woodland Cinnamon Santa in a Santa Forest”. I used the traditional cinnamon dough and acrylic paints and hot glued the santas together in a  tree formation to form one standing piece. I highlighted the main santa in bright colors and the rest in muted “forest” colors as you can see.


J. Gould’s freestanding Tragant Santa figure using #1654 Small Riss Santa mold.

This is a Tragant Cookie Santa Figure…he and the base he stands on are made from Tragant dough.

2 cups Confectioners Sugar
3 tsp. Gum Tragacanth *
1 tsp. Glucose – or light colored corn syrup
6 tsp. water
He is softly colored with Petal powdered food coloring.

Greeting card created by S. Meyer using #1883 Weinheim Church mold.


Materials used to create this beautiful card.


Beautiful card created by D. Schneider using #72 Jolly Santa mold. It has a festive appearance and that 1950’s look.