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This special offer will only be good until this coming Friday night (April 28th) at which point we will begin the replication process.

Mold Not Pictured.

Today we are offering our #1768 Lady Edith mold at a Pre-Production price.
This mold is being offered at a pre-production price of $124.74 plus shipping.
For a clear or color tinted mold, please add $12.98.
Its a big beautiful image. Please allow up to six weeks for this mold to ship.
We estimate that the price of this replica mold when added to our offerings will be between $160.00 and $178.00.

Cookie made with mold #1768.

The Lady Edith mold #1768 measures about 13 3/4″ x 5 1/2″ and the cookie will measure about 12 3/4″ x 3 3/4″. The mold must have been carved by a master carver as is evident by the finely carved details and symmetry that the carver imparted to this Lady. All of the details have very good depth and dimension. The lady looks to be dressed for the time period between 1820 to about 1848. This mold has grooves along its long sides to assist in lifting after pressing.

This mold can be used with a Springerle, Gingerbread, Spekulatius or Marzipan dough. A work of edible art as is, but painted with edible colors she’d be a hit during your luncheon, tea party or shower. Paper casting with this mold should also work well.

The original mold had resided in an old familie collection in Nürnberg Germany. The familie name was Rackl. I’m told the mold had been used at an old bakery in the center of town for many years. The bakery, which was in a centuries old house, was destroyed during the war. The original Lady Edith mold along with a few others from the same collection now reside in a private collection in America. I’m personally grateful that we were able to replicate this mold.
I’m looking forward to giving cookies created with this image to my friends. I like being able to give things that they cannot get anywhere else. This image will be available in three sizes, the original size (#1768: 13 3/4″ x 5 1/2″), the junior size (#456: 7 9/16″ x 2 13/16″) and the small size (6 3/4″ x 2 7/8″).
This special offer will only be good until this coming Friday night (April 28th) at which point we will begin the replication process.

The original wooden Lady Edith mold. This wooden mold is not for sale.


Please allow up to 6 weeks for this mold to ship.

Clear and tinted molds will require extra time.
Plain Clear molds may “Yellow” over time.
You will be viewing the Clear molds from their backsides.
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Please send your order request or any questions about these molds to: order@thespringerlebaker.com
You’ll need to cut and paste the address.
Please allow 1-2 days to receive your invoice after ordering.


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