#2 Fundraiser for new Projects

Hanns Buel (1520) BBC BlogCookie Molds of quality and durability produced by
The Springerle Baker.
“We’re not looking to be the prettiest cookie molds,
just the most durable and user friendly!”

Hello and Thank You for checking this page out.
I’m looking to raise funds for a couple of projects, so I’m making a special mold offer to those that would like to contribute. This mold is being offered as a “Thank you” to my fundraising. This mold will ship within ten days after your contribution is received.
This mold in opaque is available for a contribution of $70.00.
This mold in a clear or clear color tint is available for an $84.00 contribution.
Shipping within the USA is included. These will be sent by First Class mail.
Folks outside of the USA will be asked to pay a shipping fee.
When sending in your check or money order, please be sure I have your correct address.
#2289 Wurzburg 20 Image Mold

#2289 Wurzburg 20 Image Mold – $70.00.

This mold measures about 7 5/16” x 5 7/8” and produces 20 individual cookies that measure about 1 3/4” x 7/8”each. The depth and details are pretty nice for images this small. The small size and rectangle shape of these make them great not only for “tasters” but also to add interest to your cookie trays. Some of the images are: ducks, bird, cannon, rabbit, lobster, a garden scene, cello and other various images.

Cookies made with TSB mold #2289.


#2289 Wurzburg 20 Image Mold in Clear.




Please send your check or Money Order to:
The Springerle Baker
POB 572
Marshall, NC 28753
Please be sure to include your correct mailing address and email address.